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Rubena Bicycle Tyres
Made in the Czech Republic
"When I first got these tires, I was impressed by how good the tags looked and how easy it was to read the size of the tire
..." Read More
Featured Manufacturer - Arrow Racing - Mountain & Downhill Tires
Arrow Racing - Mountain & Downhill Tires - 45 great mountain bike tires and every one of them a winner on the circuit. Priced to sell, give Arrow Racing tires a try. Some of these tires have rubber so sticky as to not be believed. Also, these are some of the widest tires you can buy. A Truly evolved collection of tires tightly knit to fit a competitive niche but you can use them for ordinary cycling too. The inner tubes are thickest we have ever seen for downhill at 3mm thick. Arrow Racing, tough, well designed tires, available on Every Bicycle Tire. 20 inch, 24 inch and 26 inch
American Classic Wheels
Check out the best American Classic images. High-Res photos emailed on request or get the free catalog delivered. We are a full service dealer. We can help with all American Classic products. For a limited time, get free or reduced price tires with each American Classic qualifying purchase.

Intense Tires
All Mountain, Free Ride, Cross Country & Downhill Tires
With over 50 Championship grade tires in the collection, Intense is real race gear for those who want the very best. These are not the kind of tires used to go back and forth to work. A special rubber is grown just for these tires and Intense has numerous technologies at work in each tire that make them the best in their class. Intense inner tubes are extremely good plus the 26 x 2.70 tubes fits the largest tires we sell. See the entire collection at Every Bicycle Tire. 20 inch, 24 inch and 26inch

The Intense DH 909 26 x 2.35 Mountain Down Hill Bicycle Tire.

A Bicycle Tire Review

By Staff Writers

The DH 909 is a good looking solid tire that will leave you marveling how such a great tire could cost so little. At about $50, these tires will make you a better rider. Over the years, other companies have produced very pretty and detailed tires with lots of engraving and designs, but Intense has a more straightforward design with a distinctly American feel to graphics and the design of the tire.

Tires don't have to be pretty to be good but the DH 909 is very attractive. The DH 909 is very masculine looking with a full rounded profile and a very strong presence with lots of heft. When put next to a famous European brand, the Intense comes off as much more serious and the type you'd trust your life to.

In all, it will be very difficult to find a better tire at any price for this type of tire and its' usage. Intense DH 909 Down Hill Mountain Bike Tire....

Actual Testimonial:
Hey this is Brandon. I've used the Intense bicycle tires about 8 times on the trail and countless times around town. The trail conditions went from mud, water, loose sand, hard packed sand, rocks and jumps. I haven't found and any flaws with them. They have thick sidewalls and a ton of grip. I'd love to have another set on my other bike. They were used on a 2008 Kona blast with a dart 2 rock shock. If you need anything let me know. Thanks again!!

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