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Wheelchair Tires → 26 x 1 Schwalbe Marathon Plus Evolution 348 - (590)
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Black tires. Skid free.
The first black tires that leave no skid-marks on indoor floors, made possible by the revolutionary Black’n’Roll compound, developed in SCHWALBE’s labs. Flat-less with SmartGuard!
Hand friendly with 2grip!
Schwalbe Marathon Plus Fact Sheet and Reviews

MSRP: $61.46
Schwalbe Sale: $57.78


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26 x 3/4, 26 x 1 Schwalbe Wheelchair Inner Tube (590) 40mm Schraeder Valve

26 x 1 3/8 Courtesy Inner Tube (584, 590, 597) Schraeder Valve

  Schwalbe Wheelchair Tires
        Incredibly Long Lasting Durable Tires
From EBTire: Its' easy to see how high quality tires save you money. Schwalbe tires are so durable, that it can take several years to wear out a set of tires. The Marathon EVO and Marathon Plus are similar to the extremely popular and bullet-proof bicycle tires except the wheelchair tires have been engineered for chairs. The Marathon series have an extra thick strip of rubber built into the casing that can stop a thumbtack and the tires have a high weight rating making them suitable for powered applications. Schwalbe has a great demonstration of their flat reduction technologies on the Schwalbe website. Super tough and long lasting, the Schwalbe tire represents an incredible value when factoring out lost time due to repeated flats. These are no ordinary wheelchair tires.

Schwalbe is the only manufacturer of bicycle tires that is not a division of a larger company. For decades they have been producing top notch high quality tires for the European market. Long lasting, good traction, attractive looks have made them winners overseas and now they have been taking over America. The Schwalbe Marathon and Marathon Plus are becoming some of the most popular tires ever. Get a pair and you'll find out why. Schwalbe Marathon Plus, SpeedRun, RightRun, SpeedAir and Downtown tires set the standard for what a tire ought to be. visit our Schwalbe portal

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26 x 1 Schwalbe Marathon Plus Evolution 348 (559) tires are the first black tires to leave no-skid marks on indoor floors. Puncture resisitant and lightweight these racing tires offer skid free tread but with lots of grip. Click For Specificiations


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