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MTB bicycle tires. MTB tires are ones found on 24 and 26 inch bicycles and usually have exterior pointing tread. Tires in this class range from 1.75 inches to 2.35 and sometimes wider. MTB tires encompass a huge swath of the tires produced today. Many of these tires will have fortified casings and many of them will not. The price disparity ranges from $14 - $120 for a tubular MTB tire.  Most MTB tires are rounded in their cross sectional profile with an emphasis on slow speed control. Knobs may appear on the sides of the tire or on the crown of the tire and the knobs may or may not be part of a repeating pattern. MTB and ATB are often used interchangeably. Specialized MTB tires such as cross country or free ride are found in those sections. A few colors are available.  Most manufacturers make several models of MTB tires.

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