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Continental Gatorskin
Continental Gatorskin

Continental Gatorskin tires are racing or training tires with Triple-protection technology, durability, fast speed, and reliability. The Continental Gatorskin tires are durable training, touring or commuting road tires that feature a combination of three flat protection technologies. These tires are produced by Continental AG. Continental AG is a worldwide leading German manufacturer of tires. It is the fourth largest tire manufacturer of the world. It is an industry leader in developing rubber compounds.
Continental Gatorskin tires are available in a host of sizes to meet the needs of a variety of customers. They are available in these eight different sizes 650x23, 700x23, 700x23, 700x25, 700x25, 700x28, 27x1 , and 26 x 1.2. The air pressure ranges from 95 psi to 120 psi depending on the size of the tire. These tires have weight ranging from 220 grams to 350 grams. These tires come with wire tread as well as with folding tread. They have a Black colored tread with black/brown DuraSkin side wall.

Continental Gatroskin tires come with a unique construction which makes them resistant to flats and punctures. These tires are handmade in Germany. They have a Kevlar belt running the circumference of the tire with a layer of DuraSkin anti-tear fabric wrapped over both the sidewalls. Kevlar is a synthetic fiber which has high tensile strength and temperate resistance. It protects very well against penetration punctures and does not have significant effect on weight and rolling resistance of the tires. The DuraSkin is made of polyamide fabric.

A very tough and long-wearing natural rubber compound is used for the tread. This slick German made natural rubber tread is designed to perform well in wet and wintery conditions. The special high carbon compound offers a long tread life. These tires provide a good cornering and a minimal rolling resistance.

These tires have 60 TPI per layer (3 plies for 180 tpi total) casing which preserves the ride feel while remaining tough and strong. These tires use a SafetySystem breaker directly under the tread which adds puncture protection where most of the flats occur.

Continental Gatorskin tires are best preferred for smooth roads. They are also recommended for wet and slippery roads. These tires are intended for high mileage winter training for serious cyclists. They are not for use on gravel because there are chances of bursts of such tracks.

The potential advantages of Continental Gatorskin tires include puncture resistance, faster speed, smoother ride, wears well than other similar tires, high mileage, and good grip of the ground. A possible disadvantage of these tires is that they have higher prices. Another disadvantage is that the sidewalls are weaker and can dry out.

The examples of similar tires include Vredestein Fiammante, Specialized Roubaix Pro, and Specialized Armadillo Elite.

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